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The PronouncePro American English Pronunciation System
Our pronunciation system will teach you to speak clear and confident English.

Our system uses an INTERACTIVE WORKBOOK with proper mouth diagrams, a DVD COURSE and an AUDIO CD of an English teacher with clear pronunciation.

To begin improving your pronunciation, take each sound one at a time. Our system breaks down each sound of English and guides you through to mastery.

After instructing HOW TO MAKE THE SOUNDS OF ENGLISH, there is further pronunciation instruction including:


With this program YOU WILL reduce your native accent, learn the American accent and feel more confident about your English speaking


It’s easy to use. I use it with my class as we cover pronunciation and my students seem to like it. There isn’t anything complicated and because I teach English levels one through five, I like that there isn’t a lot of endless instruction on the CD or DVD. It gets right to the point of how to pronounce the words and shows how to pronounce them."- Cynthia M. - ESL teacher

PronouncePro American English Pronunciation System


Includes a DVD course


Pages from our pronunciation system workbook


Available in Download and Hard Copy Versions
The PronouncePro pronunciation system is available is an instant download and hard copy versions.

The instant download includes the complete system. The hard copy version is shipped to your door.




What is the PronouncePro pronunciation DVD course?
It's a book, audio CD, and DVD designed to teach you how to make the sounds of American English and speak English more like a native speaker.


How does the PronouncePro DVD pronunciation course work?
The book gives mouth positioning illustrations for sounds of American English. The audio CD and DVD go through the sounds with instruction from a native English speaker and pronunciation expert.

You can do the entire course at once or master 1 sound at a time.

In addition to instruction on how to make the sounds of American English, there are exercises to perfect your English speaking once the sounds are learned.


Why is the PronouncePro pronunciation DVD course so effective?

Learning to speak English and sound like a native speaker is both a visual and auditory experience. The PronouncePro pronunciation course uses visual mouth diagrams and slow, clear instructions on how to speak English better (with good pronunciation.)

Repetition is an important part in mastering spoken English. The PronouncePro pronunciation course teaches the sounds of American English with time for you to repeat each sound until mastered.

Once you have mastered the sounds it’s necessary to practice using them in real life conversations. The PronouncePro pronunciation course has conversation exercises and exercises for you to practice the more difficult sounds including numbers of American English.


How much does the pronunciation course cost?

The entire course – DVD, book, and audio CD – is only $29.99.