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Countable and Non Countable Nouns

Countable Nouns - these are nouns that can be made plural by changing their ending

Non – Countable Nouns - group of nouns that have no plural. This is because the group of words they represent are singular or plural depending on the word *context

Context – other information surrounding, adding meaning or affecting


The two main groups of non countable nouns are:


Mass Nouns – they have no plural form –


Cheese Moss Coffee
Dust Wine Measles
Wheat Grass Clothing
Furniture Bedding Tea
Gold Clover Corn
Milk Dirt Hay


Abstract Nouns – they have no plural form –


Abstract Nouns – describe objects considered in a mass quantity


Courage Biology
News Fun
Economics Advice
Truth Mathematics


*end of lessons for countable and non-countable nouns*