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Deciding 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Person Pronouns

Every personal pronoun: is classified by whether it is first, second, or third person.

Grammar person: a term used to describe if the pronoun is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person.

Form: refers to the number, (singular or plural) gender and the grammar person of the pronoun.


Let’s look at this chart which describes grammar person, number, and gender of pronouns. This information is also used while learning Verbs and how to conjugate verbs.


Grammar person Pronoun Number
1st: person speaking Singular pronoun:I, you, he, she, it
2nd: person spoken to Plural pronoun:We, you, they
3rd: person or thing spoken about



He: masculine pronoun

She: Feminine pronoun

It: Neuter pronoun


*remember that when you look at the form of a personal pronoun, it will show you if the pronoun is referring to the person speaking, the person spoken to, or the person or thing spoken about.


For pronouns in the 1st person singular:

Use “I” to replace the subject noun.



Jeff loves apples. -> I am Jeff. -> I love apples.

For pronouns in the 2nd person singular:

Use “you” to replace the subject noun.

Nancy runs fast -> you are talking to Nancy -> You run fast.


For pronouns in the 3rd person singular:

Use – He, she, or it to replace the subject noun.

John loves tennis. -> You are talking about John .-> He loves tennis.

Nicole cooks well -> you are speaking about Nicole -> She cooks well.

The house is big -> You are talking about the house. -> It is big.


Now let’s take a look at plural pronouns’ form

For pronouns in the 1st person plural:

Jesse and Kim eat hamburgers. -> You are Jesse and Kim. -> We eat hamburgers.


For pronouns in the 2nd person plural:

Nancy and Bill run fast. -> You are talking to Nancy and Bill. -> You run fast.


For pronouns in the 3rd person plural:

My friends are learning English. -> You are talking about your friends. -> They are learning English.


The chairs are big. -> You are talking about the chairs. -> They are big.




Pronouns in the second person plural use “you.” This is the same as pronouns in the second person singular which also uses, “you.”

Pronouns in the 3rd person plural use “they” for both people and things.


*End of lessons on deciding 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person pronouns.*     Take A Quiz Now