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Descriptive Adjectives

Descriptive adjectives: specify the shape, color or size of the noun they modify.


Many times descriptive adjectives are called common adjectives. Common adjectives are like common nouns; they are used every day and are very ordinary.


Examples of common adjectives:

Pretty, yellow, cloudy, sunny, large

Usually the common adjective is placed directly before the noun they are describing.



Yellow house Sunny day
House = noun day = noun
Yellow = descriptive adjective sunny = descriptive adjective


Adjectives can also come after the linking verb, “to be” when the adjective describes the subject of the sentence.


When the adjective comes after the linking verb, this is called a predicate adjective.


Example: The house is beautiful

House = subject

Is = linking verb

Beautiful = predicate adjective


Beautiful is the adjective which describes the subject, house.


We had mentioned that adjectives usually are placed directly before the noun they are modifying. In the above example the adjective, “beautiful,” comes after the linking verb, “is.”


*The sentence, “The house is beautiful” means the same as the sentence, “The beautiful house.” When the adjective comes after the linking verb it is called a Predicate Adjective.


Predicate Adjective: expand on the subject. Predicate adjectives are placed after the linking verb.


Another example of a predicate adjective:

The gloves are black.

Gloves = subject noun

Are = linking verb

Black = predicate adjective


The adjective, “black,” describes the subject, “gloves.” Using the predicate adjective after the linking verb, “are,” is the same as saying, “the black gloves.”


*in review

The blue car The tennis balls are yellow
Car = subject noun Tennis balls = subject noun
Blue = descriptive adjective FoodYellow = predicate adjective



*end of lesson on descriptive adjectives*