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Indefinite Adjectives

Indefinite adjectives: refer to non-specific persons or things

Indefinite: not exact

Several, any, each, most, many, a few


The indefinite adjectives listed above are used when the exact amount, or the exact nouns, is not known.


We know a little information about the nouns, however we don’t know the exact, precise, or specifics.



Several students are learning English.

Several = indefinite adjective

Students = noun


We know there is more than one student, but we do not know the exact amount of students.


Each car comes with window tinting.

We know that the cars come with window tinting, however we don’t know the specific amount of car.


Many families have dinner around 6:30pm.

Many = indefinite adjective

Families = noun

We know that a number of families have dinner around 6:30pm, however we don’t know the specific number of families.


Most of the towels are blue.

Most = indefinite adjective

Towels = noun

We know that he majority, or most, of the towels are blue. We do not know the exact number of blue towels.


*end of lesson on indefinite adjectives*