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Indefinite Pronouns – Singular

Indefinite pronoun: refers to a noun which is not specific.


We use an indefinite when the sentence is speaking about a non-specific noun.

Here is a list of indefinite pronouns:


Referring to people


Anybody – one of all the people – anybody can have it.

Anyone – one of all the people – was anyone there?

Nobody – not even one person – nobody has been here.

No one – not even one person – no one has spoken.

Somebody – one person – somebody is speaking.

Someone – one person – someone is calling me.


Referring to places


Anywhere – one of all the places – This airline goes anywhere.

Not anywhere – not even one place – The keys are not anywhere on me.

Nowhere – not even one place – The keys are nowhere in the house.

Somewhere – in one place – I know it is somewhere.


Referring only to things


Anything – one of all the things – anything can happen in the movies.

Not anything – no thing; zero – there isn’t anything to drink.

Nothing – no thing; zero – there is nothing to drink.

Something – one thing – there is something in the mail.

Referring to people or things

One – one – is there a teacher near here?

Another – one more; +1 – I would like another drink.

Any – no preference – which restaurant do you want to go to?

Each – all; total – each one of the kids are having fun.

Either – one or the other – which one do you like? Either is fine.

Neither – not one nor the other – neither one of the cars is mine.


Indefinite Pronouns got its name because the noun which they are substituting is indefinite.


List of indefinite persons or things:


Everybody Everyone
Somebody Someone
Anybody Anyone
Nobody No one


List of indefinite quantities:


Each Much Either
Another All Some
Several Both Few
Least Less Little
Lots Many Plenty
ther Most More


Indefinite: lacking certainty or exact limits.


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