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Noun Determiners and Limiting Adjectives and Articles

Determiners: identifies a specific noun rather than describe it. Determiners have specific relationships with singular nouns, plural nouns, and non-count nouns.


Determiners are the second type of adjective. There are two types of adjectives:

Noun determiners / limiting adjectives

Descriptive adjectives

Determiners are placed before the noun they modify. Determiners are also called limiting adjectives.

The most common determiner, and most common adjective, in the Article

Articles: helps to identify a noun. Articles specify if a noun is referred to in a general or specific way.

Articles account for most of the frequently used articles in the English language: a, an, the.


There are two different types of articles:


Indefinite articles: - a – an

Use “a” before a singular noun that begins with a consonant song:

A bird A house
A car A pool
A flag A beach


Use “an” before a singular noun that begins with a vowel sound.

An apple An elevator
An answer An email
An elephant An illustration


Indefinite articles refer to a noun we don’t specifically know. For example: a girl.

We don’t know which girl we are speaking of; it could be any girl. When we do know which girl or noun we are referring to, we use a definite article.

Definite article: “the.” Definite articles can be used with both singular and plural nouns and refers to the something specific.


Example of a definite article:

The family

When we use a definite article, “the,” it means we know which family we are talking about.

If we didn’t know which family we are speaking of, we would use the indefinite article, “a.”

Definite: having exact limits.

Indefinite articles: not precise, having no fixed limit.


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