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Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns: a type of pronoun used to replace words for people, places, or things.


Personal pronouns refer most often to people, but can also refer to things. These are the most common of all pronouns.


Personal pronouns often refer to number gender, and who is speaking or being spoken to.

Every personal pronoun is classified by whether it is first, second, or third person.

I = speaker

You = person spoken to

He= another person, who is male

She= another person, who is female

We= I and you, he, she, they

You = you and he, she, they

They = other people

It= an animal or thing

They= more than one animal or thing (plural)


Example of personal pronouns:

1st person pronoun: I love English – singular –

“I” replaces who loves English.

Jack loves English (I am Jack) -> I love English.


We love English –plural –

“We” replaces who loves English

Jeff and Jack love English -> We love English


2nd person pronoun: You speak well – singular –

“You” replaces who speaks well.

Jack speaks well -> you speak well.

You speak today -plural -


“You” replaces who speaks today.

Jack and Jeff speak today -> you speak today.


Third person pronoun: She loves hot dogs – singular –

She replaces who loves hot dogs.

Jill loves hot dogs -> she loves hot dogs.

It is hot –singular-

“It” replaces what is hot.

The pan is hot. -> It is hot


They visit the beach –plural-

“They” replaces who visits the beach.

Michael and Patty visit the beach -> They visit the beach


They are hot –plural –

“They” replaces what is hot.

The pans are hot -> they are hot.


Personal pronouns show either singular or plural number.

Singular pronoun: refers to one person or thing

Plural pronoun: refers to more than one person or thing


Singular: I, you, he, she, it

Plural: we, you, they

One big ball -> it is big.

Three big balls -> they are big.



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