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Possessive Pronouns

Possessive pronoun: a pronoun used to show possession.


The common possessive pronouns:

Mine – yours – his – hers – its – ours – yours – theirs


These pronouns indicate a relationship to a person or a thing.

Examples of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person possessive pronouns


1st person pronoun “mine” The speaker, Jessica, talking It is mine.
When referring to the speaker. about her car.


2nd person pronoun “yours” John speaking to Jessica Yes, it is yours.
Referring to the person spoken To
about her car.


3rd person pronoun “hers” Jeff speaking about Jessica’s car. Yes, it is hers.
Referring to the person spoken About


A possessive pronoun answers the question, “whose?”

Here is a drill for learning possessive pronouns:

To find the correct pronoun, use: It belongs to + noun or object pronoun

Whose house is it?

It belongs to me. -> It is mine.

It belongs to you. -> It’s yours.

It belongs to her. -> It’s hers.

It belongs to him. -> It’s his.

It belongs to her and me. -> It’s ours.

It belongs to me and him. -> It’s ours.

It belongs to her and him. -> It’s theirs.

It belongs to them. -> It’s theirs.


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