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Adjectives as numbers

Number: symbol or word showing how many or what place in a series.

Numerical Adjective: used to indicate quantities by stating a fixed amount of people or things.


We know that adjectives modify nouns and pronouns. A numerical adjective modifies – or gives more information about – nouns and pronouns by telling us how many.


Singular nouns modified by a numerical adjective



There is one bottle of water left.

One = numerical adjective

Bottle of water = singular noun


There is only one bottle of water left, so we must use the singular form, “one.”

There is one parking space available.

One = numerical adjective

Parking space = singular noun


Only one parking space is left so we must use the singular adjective, “one.”


Plural nouns modified by a numerical adjective



There are three girls watching the movie.

Three = numerical adjective

Girls = plural noun


There are three girls in this example so we must use the adjective, “three,” which indicates there is more than one girl.

There are seventy five people in the audience.

Seventy five = numerical adjective

People = plural noun


In this example there are seventy five people so we must use the numerical adjective, seventy five, which tells us the noun being modified, people, must be plural.



The adjective “one” can only modify singular nouns. All plural nouns must be modified by any number larger than one.


*End of lesson on Adjectives as numbers*