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Nouns used as Adjectives

Noun adjective: it is possible for a noun to describe another noun. The modifying noun is placed directly before the noun it modifies and acts like an adjective.



Nouns used as adjectives are never plural, even when its reference is plural.


We know that an adjective is a word placed before a noun and further describes the noun.


Examples of regular adjectives:

It was a blue ball.

Blue = adjective

Ball = noun


There was a beautiful sunset in the distance.

Beautiful = adjective

Sunset = noun


The above examples are traditional adjectives used in their regular usage.


Let’s look at nouns being used as adjectives



A wood box is on the table. -> Box made of wood

Wood = noun used as an adjective to describe…

Box = noun


She was wearing a gold bracelet. -> Bracelet made of gold.

Gold = noun used as an adjective to describe…

Bracelet = noun


Mrs. Thompson cools herself with a paper fan. -> Fan made of paper

Paper = noun that’s an adjective to describe…

Fan = noun


We were eating a blueberry pie. -> pie made of blueberries

Blueberry = noun as an adjective to describe…

Pie = noun



Some noun and noun adjectives are written as one word.








These are two words, both nouns, which are written as one word. The first noun is modifying the second.


*End of lesson on Nouns as Adjectives*