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Suffixes and Origins of Adjectives

Suffixes: syllable(s) added at the end of a word to change its meaning.

Origins: beginning or source


By looking at the suffix of many adjectives we can tell the meaning of the word. Many times a suffix is added to the root of the word to form the adjective.


Many times the adjectives will originate from other words like nouns and verbs.


Let’s look at some adjectives with suffixes

Jeff is a tired less worker.

Tired = root word

Less = means without


This sentence means Jeff is good at working without getting tired.


Christine patiently listened to the young child cry.


Patient = root word

Ly = means similar in nature


This sentence means Christine was listening to the child’s crying while being patient.


The mother said it was okay, the window is fixable.


Fix = root word

Able = means capable of


This sentence means the window is capable of being fixed. There is no need to worry because the window can be fixed.


Adjective suffixes are an excellent way to help create and figure out the meaning of adjectives.


*end of lesson on suffixes and origins of adjectives*