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Superlative Adjectives

Superlative Adjective: used when talking about three or more nouns. These adjectives will distinguish one noun from a group of three or more nouns.


Let’s learn about two ways to make an adjective a superlative in the positive or “most” sense.

Way number 1: put the before the adjective and add “est” to the end.



There are irregular superlative adjectives. There are irregulars in the sense that sometimes the last consonant is doubled, similar to a comparative adjective. There are also irregular superlatives that follow no rule at all.


Examples of way number 1:


Tall -> the tallest

Short -> the shortest

Large ->the largest

Fast -> the fastest


Michelle is the fastest girl on the soccer team.

Of all the girls on the soccer team, no one is faster than Michelle.


Way number 2: add “the most” before the adjective



Most of the time way number 1 and way number 2 will not both work on turning the same adjective to a superlative.


Fun -> the most fun

Hilarious -> the most hilarious

Expensive -> the most expensive

Wonderful -> the most wonderful


This is the most fun vacation I’ve ever been on.

Of all the vacations I’ve been on, this is the most fun.


Now let’s look at the way to make a superlative adjective negative or “least.”

Put the least before the adjective:

Quickly -> the least quickly

Important -> the least important

Expensive -> the least expensive


My favorite necklace is also the least expensive.


Of all the necklaces, this one is my favorite and costs less money than all the others.


*End of lesson on Superlative Adjectives*