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Common uses of Pronouns

Use #1 Pronouns are used to replace the words for people, places or thing


Jeff -> he

Alice -> she

Ball -> it


Jeff is on vacation. -> He is on vacation.


Use #2 Pronouns are used to introduce a question.


He plays golf -> who?

Gym is closed -> what?

Who plays golf? ->He plays golf


Use #3 Pronouns are used to point to a specific person, place, or thing.


I would like this one.

I don’t want that one.

Which one do you want? -> I want this one.


Use #4 Pronouns are used to refer to unnamed, nonspecific people or things.


More than one person -> many


There were many people at the party.

(More than one person, but not many -> several)


The party was fun, there were several people there.


Pronouns are commonly used to avoid repetition.

Many times nouns are replaced with pronouns to avoid saying the noun over and over.


Example: Jill goes to the mall

Jill eats dinner at the mall.

Jacob asks Jill if Jill is hungry.

Jill = noun

We can now substitute the nouns “Jill” with pronouns to avoid repetition.


Example: Jill goes to the mall.

She eats dinner at the mall.

Jacob asks her if she is hungry.




*end of common uses of pronouns lesson*