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Cardinal and Ordinal Adjectives

Cardinal: these types of numbers answer the question, “how many?”


The first cardinal number is zero (0). Every time (0) is used, it requires a plural noun.


How many birds are in the backyard?

There are zero birds.

There are no birds.



Saying there are “no” birds is the same as saying there are “zero” birds.

If you want to say there is one (1), this requires a singular noun.



How many balls are on the court?

There is one ball.

One = Cardinal number adjective

Ball = singular noun – representing one (1)


Every other number (2 -> infinity) requires a plural noun.


How many guitars do you have?

I have three guitars.

Three = cardinal number adjective

Guitars = plural noun representing three (3)


How many baseball cards do you have?

I have 825 baseball cards.

825 = cardinal adjective

Baseball cards = plural noun representing 825


Now let’s learn about Ordinal Adjectives

Ordinal adjective: are numbers used to show order in a series.


Ordinal numbers follow a basic rule. When you learn this rule, you will be able to make lists of numbers in a series.


Ordinal adjective number rules:


Always use the article the before an ordinal number.


Ordinal numbers: 1,2,3, and all combinations of 1,2,3

The first the 1st
The second the 2nd
The third the 3rd


The fifty-first the 51st
The thirty-second the 32nd
The twenty-third the 23rd


Ordinal numbers: 5, 8, 9, 12, and all combinations with 5,8, and 9

The fifth the 5th
The eighth the 8th
The ninth the 9th
The twelfth the 12th
The forty-fifth the 45th
The eighty-eighth the 88th
The twenty-ninth the 29th


For all other Ordinal numbers: use the Cardinal numbers + “th”

The fourth the 4th
The sixth the 6th
The seventh the 7th
The twenty-fourth the 24th
The seventy-sixth the 76th
The thirty-seventh the 37th




Tomorrow is our twelfth day on vacation.

This is the fourth time I’ve seen this movie.

This is the second time I’ve been the ninth best runner in this race.


*end of lesson on Cardinal and Ordinal number Adjectives*