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What is Pronunciation?


You have heard the word pronunciation when it pertains to learning any language. What is pronunciation and what are some of the fundamental aspects of this important part of learning English?


In any language pronunciation pertains to the sounds that are produced to make meaning. There are aspects of speech that go beyond that individual sound that makes the language unique: phrasing, stress, intonation, timing, and rhythm. Your voice is then projected to communicate what you want to say. Add to that cultural nuances, gestures and local expressions and you speak that immediately tells something about yourself to the people around you.


It sounds easy. Whether you understand the definition of what is pronunciation or you just want to be sure to pronounce words and phrases in English so they are understandable, you are more likely to be understood better if your pronunciation is good even if you make other grammatical errors when speaking. When you are learning English do not worry about making those first errors.


When you are just learning a new language, it would be easy to want to avoid speaking in public, but that is not the best choice because you do not want to experience social isolation. It does not seem fair but people can be judged by the way they speak and can be seen as uneducated, incompetent or lack knowledge. All because the listener is reacting to the pronunciation and not what you are trying to communicate.


The rumors are true. Pronunciation of English is one of the most challenging aspects of learning the language. Taking the time to gain explicit experience and help is your first step in accomplishing the foundations of good pronunciation. It is essential to listen to a native speaker to establish the initial features of the sounds you are learning to make. You now understand something about what is pronunciation.


Most teachers or language programs start with the idea of stress as the building blocks of pronunciation. There is a prominence given to certain syllables within words and utterances. Effectively pronunciation includes volume, force, pitch change, and syllable length, and is where we see people using their hands to make gestures to enhance the conversation. Intonation or when you change the pitch of your phrases clues the listener in to language-specific patterns that are most likely different than your own native language. For example, as the pattern and tone of your voice increases this signals a question to your listener.


In English speech is derived from an endless connection, link and blend of sounds that contribute to the concept of pronunciation. Additional gestures and unique local nuances might seem confusing at first. It is certain that English is not an easy language to learn. Dedicate yourself to practicing and explicitly listening to what is good pronunciation in the beginning stages of learning English. You will avoid frustration in speaking to and being heard by the person with whom you are communicating.