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How to improve your pronunciation


You have learned some American English and are now wondering how to improve your pronunciation. Taking the time to do some pronunciation exercises, practicing the correct vowel sounds, and clearly pronouncing the whole words are three ways to make immediate progress.


The letters “R” and “W” are crucial in American English pronunciation. These letters are positioned in the beginning, middle and end. Many new English speakers find the “pushing out” motion of the mouth and lips more challenging. To be understood in everyday conversation you will need to practice these sounds. Here are some words to get you started:

Word Wow
Rare Were
Error Wow
Year Read
Girl Yarn
Roar Red


Choosing the correct vowel sound is a common error for new speakers of American English. If you want to improve your pronunciation, you really need to become aware of what happens when you switch the correct vowel sound. Often the word meaning changes and it will be very hard to understand what you are saying. You cannot necessarily use the same vowel sounds that are in your native language. Perhaps the vowel does not even exist in your native language so it is confusing and inconsistent. Here is a fun way to practice vowel sounds.


First clap your hands and then stomp your feet
Everybody do the short vowel beat!
Candy, candy, a/a/a (repeat) - (you are saying the short a sound)
Wave your arms high, swing your arms low,
The short vowel beat is the way to go
Red hots, red hots, e/e/e (repeat)
Move to the left, Move to the right
The short vowel beat is way out of sight
Licorice, licorice, i/i/i (repeat)
Hop two steps up, hop two steps back
The short vowel beat keeps you right on track!
Chocolate, chocolate, o/o/o (repeat)
Shout it out loud, whisper it low,
Just one more vowel in the beat to go
Yummy, yummy, u/u/u (repeat)
Now give a high five to a nearby friend,
The short vowel beat has come to an end!


If you want to know how to improve your pronunciation, be careful not to drop the endings of your words. This is another common error for those just learning American English. When there are letters at the end of the word such as “P”, “T”, “D,” and “B” clearly pronounce the final letter or it may be extremely difficult to understand your speech or the meaning of the word. Here are some words to practice:

Hope Dote
Lube Tube
Cat Pat
Could Bait
Mart Cart
Type Cab
Crab Date


Pronouncing words correctly, whether right or wrong, tells other people about your education, background, and social standing. If you do not speak English clearly, people will not understand you and might not want to talk to you because it is so challenging. The fact that you want to know how to improve your pronunciation indicates that you want to be understood more clearly. Regular, consistent practice along with a great deal of listening will allow you to be more successful and competent in speaking American English.