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How to learn English


You have decided you want to know how to learn English but are not sure where to start. The fact that you are motivated enough to try to find out the best option for you to acquire a new language is one of the most important choices you can make. Congratulations on taking that first critical step!


You need a good English dictionary that is a hard copy versus just getting your definitions online. While there is nothing wrong with an online dictionary for supplementing your study, you need a dictionary you are comfortable carrying around or can put in a pocket. It is just fine to use the dictionary when you are in public. Most native English speakers are more than willing to help you if they see you are trying to find a word in a dictionary.


Read anything and everything that interests you! This is another very successful strategy for how to learn English. It does not matter if it is the newspaper, a magazine or a book for children. If you find it interesting then it is worth the effort. The more you read and practice English, the more familiar and comfortable the sounds will become.


Go to the movies to get English into your head through listening to sentences. Sometimes it seems like you hear one long sentence but really there are breaks between each word. Going to the movies to listen and watch the actor’s mouths as they speak will greatly help to distinguish separate sounds.


If you want a great strategy for how to learn English, you need to practice your pronunciation. Learn to pronounce English sounds and speak correctly right from the beginning. Understanding the phonetic alphabet will take you a long way in understanding how to pronounce English words. Avoiding errors in pronunciation in the beginning will get you off to the right start. The best way to do that is to find a native speaker to work with, audiotapes or computer programs that will establish your confidence with correct pronunciation.


The last way for how to learn English effectively is to get out in public and speak to as many people as possible. Going to school for English is an excellent starting point because you have a good foundation. Take your new found skills and go to the grocery store. Before you go, write up a small list and practice asking for what you want to buy. Trying to use English, even if it is challenging, will help you gain English language skills more quickly.


You want to know how to learn English. If you take your dictionary with you and try to speak whenever you can, and you read as much as possible, you will make great strides in your quest to learn a new language.