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Benefits of Learning English


English is the most widely spoken language in the world other than Mandarin. There are many benefits of learning English. People who are able to speak more than one language have international business opportunities as well as they can work with the general public in hospitals and law enforcement. Getting a great job will be so much easier if you can speak English. You will move to the top of the competition because many corporation want to hire those with dual language ability.


Another benefit of learning English is that you will meet many new people. Not only can you join the world on social networking sites, you can also enjoy the many entertainment and news options like movies and computer programs. Find another person who is learning English for practice or if you have a language that others want to learn, trade your native language lessons for English lessons.


The English language is the predominant academic language around the world. For example, much of the research conducted, written and expressed in English. Scholars communicate research findings to their peers in the field mainly in the English language. Additionally, most software programs are written in English. An important benefit of learning English is if you want to expand your knowledge in computers and technology, you must understand the English language.


Do you want to attend school in the US? You must learn English and pass an entrance exam that determines how well you will perform in university classes. The most popular tests are the TOEFL, IELTS, and the TOEIC. A benefit of learning English as soon as you know you want to attend school in the US is that you will have the speaking, listening and reading skills needed to gain entry into a college or school. You may be eligible for scholarships from organization and the US government if you speak and understand English.


The last benefit of learning English is that it will give you the ability to travel and feel confident speaking. Many airports, banks, and hotels have English speaking staff and use English signs to guide you. It is to your advantage to have a basic understanding of how to communicate in English if you are traveling anywhere in the world.


English will open doors for you if you are willing to make an effort. From entertainment to scholarly research to getting a top notch job, learning English will significantly improve your life if you are a business person, student or family member about to travel to the US.