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English learning games


It is much more fun to add English learning games to the process of acquiring a new language. Perhaps you have done your drills, practiced pronouncing words correctly, and have participated in many dialogues. Now you want to find ways to improve your English and have fun at the same time. Most of the games that follow require more than one person to play so find a friend or associate who is learning English to play with you!


20 Questions

You have to guess of what thing another person is thinking by asking him or her at most 20 yes/no type questions. If no one guesses the answer after 20 tries, the answer is revealed. A "yes" answer earns the questioner another chance to ask, a "no" passes the asking on to the next player.

"Are you famous?" "Are you in this school?" "Are you a man/woman?" Can I eat you?" "Are you delicious?" "Can I ride you?" "Are you bigger than a _____?" "Are you a man/woman?"


Verbs and Emotions

This is a gesture game using previously learned verbs and emotions. With two envelopes place words that are verbs in one and another for emotions. You will take one card from each envelope and must perform the gesture. This English learning game is simple and very amusing. The other participants must guess what the emotion is and what the action is. Whoever guesses correctly wins a point for team. This game works well with small and large groups.

Here are some examples:
angry /swimming
happy /hair brushing
sleepy /dancing
afraid/ cleaning
surprised /playing a guitar


Compound Boogie

Compound words are two seperate words that when combined make one word with a new meaning. Learn this fun English learning game and make learning English easier and more fun!

You take the word “tea”

And take the word “pot”

Put them together and they make “teapot”

The compound boogie is easy to do,

You make one word out of two!


Here are more words to practice! Before playing make sure you know the vocabulary words. Find the definition for the two separate words and the complete new compound word.

Pass + Port

Cup + Cake

Arm + Pit

Tooth + Brush

Copy + Cat

Grand + Mother

Sun + Flower


Who Am I?

The object of this English learning game is to determine which character the other person is by asking questions pertaining to what the characters look like. It is a game that reinforces the use of the phrases "Do you have..." , "Does s/he have..", "Is s/he wearing.." and vocabulary pertaining to human characteristics.

1. "I'm old. . . I have no hair. . . I walk with a cane. . . who am I?" The correct answer: Grandfather!
2. "I'm fat and tall. . . I'm green. . . I have little ears that look like trumpets. . . I'm married to a princess." Who am I? Shrek!