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Nouns used as the subject of a sentence

When nouns are used in sentences they have specific jobs they do.


These jobs are to be the:

-    Subject compliments

-    Possessive nouns

-    Objects

The most important job a noun can do in a sentence is to be the subject. A subject of a sentence must carry out the action of the verb.


Noun Verb Sentence
Jeff Paints Jeff paints portraits.


Subject: Jeff = noun as a subject

Friends Watch The friends watch a movie.


Subject: Friends = noun is the subject


In a sentence, any type of noun can be the subject

Proper nouns as Subjects

Subject: a noun that names what or who the statement or action is about.


Subject: Lisa

Lisa goes to school every day.

Lisa is a name so it is a proper noun as a subject.

Common nouns as subjects

The library is open.

Subject: library

“Library” is a common noun. This sentence has a common noun as the subject.


Ask “who or what” to find the subject of a sentence.

Kristi plays golf.

Who plays? Kristi plays.

Kristi is the subject.


When the sentence is not about a person, ask the “what” question to find the subject.

The park closes at nine PM.

What closes? The park closes.

The park is the subject.


Simple an Compound Subjects

Compound Subjects: When two or more nouns are subjects and joined together by ‘and.’


The sandwich and chips are popular.

What is popular? The sandwich and chips are popular.

Sandwich and chips in the compound subject.


Simple Subject

Judy reads.

Who reads? Judy reads.

Judy is the simple subject.


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