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Pronouns as subjects

Subject pronoun: identifies what the sentence is about.


Example sentence with a person as the subject:

Mary plays basketball

Mary = singular subject


Singular subject pronouns:

1st: I 2nd: You 3rd: he, she, it


New sentence: She plays basketball.

A few things just happened!

She plays basketball became the new sentence for: Mary plays basketball.

We replaced Mary with the pronoun, “she.”


In order for us to select the correct pronoun, we must know a few things:


  1. The noun’s person (3rd person because Mary is being talked about)
  2. Singular or plural (singular because there is only one Mary.)
  3. Gender (feminine because Mary is a girl.)

She is the feminine third-person singular pronoun that replaces Mary.


Let’s do the same exercise using a thing as the subject of the sentence.

Example sentence using a thing as the subject:

The car stops.

The car = singular subject


Singular subject pronouns: 1st: I        2nd: You        3rd: He, she, it

New sentence: The car stops.

Why did we use the pronoun, “it”?

  1. The noun is 3rd person; we are speaking about the car.
  2. The noun is singular because there is only one car.
  3. The noun is neuter in gender.


The car stops. -> It stops.

The bird flies. -> It flies.

The kids play. -> They play.


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