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Singular and Plural Nouns

Many times the job of the noun will be to give information about numbers. We have two terms for these number-nouns:

Singular: when the word refers to one person, place, or thing.

Plural: in reference to more than one person, place, or thing.

In most situations we can make a noun plural by adding – s.



Car ---- cars

Stair ---- stairs

Dog ---- dogs

Nouns ending in s, x, z, sh, and ch add – es:



Brush ---- brushes

Watch --- watches


Nouns ending in f or fe are made plural by changing the f or fe to v and adding – es:



Life ---- lives

Wife --- wives


Nouns ending in y are made plural by changing the y to i and adding – es:



Family --- families

Entry --- entries


Nouns ending in o add – es:



Potato --- potatoes

Tomato --- tomatoes

Common nouns that change plural form:


One man --- two men

One woman --- three women

One child --- three children

One person --- three people



One foot --- three feet

One tooth --- three teeth

One mouse --- three mice


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