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Noun Compounds

Compound – usually two words that function as a single part of speech


Examples of noun compounds:

Her sister-in-law was watching the television in the living room.

She found the guitar instruction course at the bookstore, and paid using her credit card.


Noun Compounds usually take one of the following forms:


Noun and Noun Possessive Noun and Noun
Birdbath Traveler’s check
Bookstore Mother’s helper
Mother figure Child’s play
Headache Cook’s assistant
Doghouse Citizen’s committee
Reform School


Adjective and Noun Noun and Prepositional Phrase
Blackbird Mother-in-law
Greenhouse Queen of England
Half brother Life of the party
Common sense Stream of consciousness
Vice president Right-of-way


Noun, Conjunction, and Noun Preposition and Noun
Trial and error Downpour Afterthought
Bread and butter Uproar Underwear
Breaking and entering Bypass Undergraduate
Stress and strain Overview Beforehand


Verb and Noun Noun and Gerund
Search warrant problem solving Decision making
Dump truck house cleaning Mind reading
Stop light handwriting Peace keeping
Pitchfork fly-fishing Film making
Driftwood dress making Scuba diving


Gerund and Noun Verb and Adverbial Preposition
Firing squad break-in pickup
Living room go-ahead layoff
Swimming pool fill-in stopover
Chewing gum crackdown
Breaking point lockup
Managing editor showdown
Leading man cleanup
Spinning wheel chin-up
Shopping center breakout


Noun and Verb
Ice skate
Ski jump


*end of lessons for countable Nouns*